Print auditing can be the catalyst for saving you and your company a significant amount on your monthly print and copy costs. Request a print audit today to see how much could be saved on your existing printers, photocopiers and multifunctional devices

Reducing your cost per page

Running a print audit on your office equipment can help to reduce your cost per page. This is done by looking at simplex and duplex printing options, ink and toner usage as well as other aspects. By making recommendations for your priners, photocopiers and multifunctional devices, the print audit software will in essence reduce your cost per page

What is a print audit?

A print audit is where specialist software is installed onto a PC on your office network. The software rapidly assesses the print devices on your computer network and starts to monitor their usage and print jobs. Once the software has had a reasonable amount of time to gather information about your printers, photocopiers and multifunctional devices it can then produce very comprehensive reports showing where time and money can be saved. This in essence is a print audit

What is a document audit?

A document audit is very similar to a print audit except a document audit will show how you can help to reduce costs with your electronic documents as well as your printed documents.

What software is used

There are many different types of print audit software on the market, but we at Canon Copiers like to use print audit 5 or Uniflow

Print issues, problems and troubleshooting

Whilst a print audit is primarily geared towards reducing your print costs, a print audit will also highlight problems. Moreover a print audit will identify print in-efficiencies, problems and will help to troubleshoot those problems

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