Printing is one of our core businesses. We understand your printing needs and we can combine the right people, the right technology and the right processes in a flexible way that helps you to be more productive and profitable.

Today We are pioneers in managing documents and giving solutions to reduce priniting costs. By entering into partnership with Copier Techno Systems you have one less thing to worry about – the optimal way to print. You can pass over all the responsibility of printing (or part of it) to Copier Techno Systems, and let us provide all your scanning, printing, copying and faxing facilities to you as a service. Managed Document Services proactively ensures that your printer fleet is managed the way it should be – profitably and flexibly from one end of your printer fleet to the other. So you keep on reducing costs and improving productivity – even when your business changes.

Why should you consider Managed Document Services?

Major benefits for your businesses

  • Reduced, more predictable day-to-day print costs
  • More reliable and usable printing environment
  • Up-to date printing environment with easy development as business needs change
  • Specific benefits of Canon MDS, including greater security, smaller physical and carbon footprints
  • Potential for enhanced ‘green’ operations
  • Improved company image through higher-quality printed material
  • Flexible financing/payment options

Major benefits for your IT

  • Better fleet management and control, monitoring, reporting, regular reviews
  • Less in-house resources required
  • Increased capabilities to deliver more core services to the organization
  • Significantly improved service quality and consistency
  • A single partner for the whole Scan/Input & print/output, delivering on a single print strategy

Why choose US

We’re experts

Printing is our core competency and where we are “truly excellent” – but we understand the needs of business as well. With our people to help, you can take advantage of our knowledge, expertise and solutions to ensure your print environment is the best one for your business needs, cutting costs and  administration while improving efficiency.

We deliver what we promise

  • We’re a trusted adviser and partner, accustomed to long lasting customer relationships.
  • We have an outstanding reputation for quality of service.
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